Post #31

Hello has been awhile.  I had posted 2 more, but I lost them.  One was about my life in the hospital on super steroids. …If I can find it, I will post…I will tell you a little about it……

I was a very quiet, never cussed and always wanted to please everyone type of person…

I was in the hospital and on IV steriods…I may have had bronchitis.   Well,  my husband came to see me…The first thing he said was “I don’t have any shirts ironed” do you feel, can I get you anything?

Boy, was that the wrong thing to say to a tired, sick,  crazy woman hyped up on steriods. .. I lost it, I screamed, cussed and was ready to throw him out, when the nurses quietly closed the door to my room…

Well, after a few more choice words, I did throw him out….I was still so mad, that I got a notebook that I had there and started writing down all the things that I did..from putting on a new role of toilet paper to cooking his meals to about 50 things in between..

When I started writing , , my letters were normal size, and the more I wrote, the larger they became.  I believe that this is when the nurse came in and took my notebook away and gave me something to calm me down… (I still have the paper and will show you when I can find it.)

Sorry to ramble on, but as you all know by now that I have a terminal disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis  (scarring of the lungs) no cure and mine was caused by inhaling burlap fibers…

In one of my groups that I belong to, someone asked about the side effects steroids.   That brought my steriod memory back…My husband of 40 years passed away 18 years ago..that was the first time I ever yelled at him and I am sure it was the last. He was very good at sending me flowers after that.

I will write more later. I have a demanding Shih Tzu (DOG)   barking at my feet to be fed..Talk to you soon…Blessings




The Deadly Wreath Post – 30

Hello friends….Hope you are all well….I have been hanging

on….Having a problem with my blood pressure. I haven’t been feeling right for the last few days..thought it was my oxygen, but my level is good…..

Yesterday, I had a spell, yes I am old, my vision had a white area., I was dizzy and sweating a lot….I took my blood pressure and it was 209/112. As you all know, I have Pulmonary Fibrosis, on oxygen 24/7, I can’t drive and Sandy was at work, so no way to get to the Doctor. SO…I layed down and rested the rest of the day….

Took blood pressure again this morning..202/110….in bed, resting today…..Watching Hallmark’s Christmas in July…Last thing I want is to go to the hospital…..

Bradley, my Shih Tuz, is right beside me..I love him to pieces, but he can drive me crazy. He is the most stubborn thing…..picky eater, if I am laying down on the couch, he will start barking and when I get up to see what he wants….he lays down in my spot….He loves sitting on my oxygen hose…but, I would be lost without him…

Well, I am going to stop now and take a nap…I will let you know about the blood pressure.

Blessings to all…

The Deadly Wreath – Post 29

Hello, and WOW…it has been a long time since I have written a post….I believe that is because I have had nothing to say.

I have told you my life story..the good, bad and ugly…now on to the present….

I am starting my 4th year with Pulmonary Fibrosis…This is a terminal disease…no cure….3 – 5year life expectancy……

My health, breathing and quality of life has decreased since my last post…Now, I am not complaining, just stating facts.

I have Facebook friends who are also struggling with this disease. There is a sweet lady in ICU hooked up to LOTS of tubes, lines and oxygen waiting for a pair of lungs for a transplant. Then there is Mike, he had his transplant with problems..After many days in ICU, he got better, but now his body is rejecting the new lungs….

These two are only a few, there are many more people with this disease. We are all fighting for every breath. My age prevents my having a transplant..Please say a prayer for all of us struggling with this disease….

Blessings to all..

The Deadly Wreath – Post #28

WOOOOOO, did I ever just about make a HUGE mistake…..don’t know if it was depression, pitty party, shut-in, test results or a combination of all…

I decided that I was in my last days, and all I wanted to do was sleep..I lost all interest in hobbies, reading, and facebook. All I did was watch Hallmark movies all day and till Bradley said it was time for bed…(what would i do without him) After awhile all the movies ran together, same storyline, same actors and so on.

Well, I am a Christian and I pray..I could feel the Lord with me and He was saying, who do you think you are? You do not get to decide when your last days are…..That is for ME……

So, I got up, checked my facebook page and the first thing I saw was a site called Beautifully Terminal…..After reading some of the posts, I decided to get on with my life and painted my fingernails….

As you can see, I could only paint 4 because my pointer finger has to be clean so I can test my oxygen levels….Like my ring? It is a Henri Bendel and it is actually my daughters…..

Now that I am feeling better, I think I will complain…..I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet….and boy did I make a mess trying to transfer my apps from my old to my new. Also changed my email address so I could get my emails on my new tablet…

I found an app where I could transfer my pictures and so on, but not my email account. To make a long story short…I started getting pop-ups…first it was that I had won this and that. They would pop-up out of nowhere, I could be checking my bank balance, facebook account, anything and there they were….

Well, remember when I told you about the adults only hotel in Cancun? I started getting pop-ups that made Cancun look like Disneyland. I was getting XXXXX rated material…….It took me forever to find out how to block them, but I finally did…..I am now on the right track………

You all have been great to listen to me complain….You are my connection to the outside world. I will talk to you again soon….For now…..Love and Blessings to all of you….

The Deadly Wreath – Post # 27

Dear friends…..Yes, I am still alive and kicking ( just not very high)…when I started this blog, I wanted to warn people about the dangers of working with burlap. I wanted you to be with me for every step of the way….. Burlap has become a very popular materal used in decorations from weddings to wreath making…..

No one would ever think it would be dangerous. In my case, not only is it dangerous, but deadly….I worked with the burlap inhaling the fibers as I cut and frayed it to use in my wreaths.

These fibers entered my lungs causing scaring…This is a disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis. There is no cure, treatments and it is fatal. It is a very cruel disease……life expectancy is 3 to 5 years…

I am going on 3 years…My Doctors have ordered tests….Blood tests, PFT (Pulmonary Fuction Test, Heart stress test with nucular meds, and finally a CT Scan…I have received some results but waiting for more……I will post results when I receive them.

My fatigue is getting worse by the day…it has taken two days to write this…I take lots of naps……I am still making my pumpkins and excited about making Halloween, Fall and Christmas…..

I am going to close for now….Blessings to you all…….

The Deadly Wreath – Post # 26

Good morning friends and family….As I sit here with The Eagles Greatest Hits blaring in the background, I am trying to think what we can talk about today…

First, lets get the health thing out of the way…..I am not getting better, and won’t, but I woke up this morning and I thank God for that…..Pulmonary Fibrosis is a disease that destroys the lungs making it very hard to breath. It is not a cancer, but kills as many people a year as Breast cancer…I have been attached to this oxygen hose from the first day I was diagnosed with PF…

Try this…attach one end of a 50 ft rope to a item in your house with the other end attached to you…..Now, go about your day,….Can’t go very far can you? You get hung on everything, you trip over it, you get tangled in it, your dog loves to sit on it..BUT, there is ONE good thing about it…It keeps you ALIVE. Enough said…

You know, I love music….As I listen to the Eagles, I sing along with them, thank goodness Bradley is the only one that can hear me, and I would get up and dance if I had the energy…..

Now, about this song and dance issue….as I said, I love music, but I have NO talent…My singing is horrible…even hurts me to listen to myself and my dancing my be worse (have you seen my video?) My mother, rest her soul, never had a lesson, but could sing, play the piano, guitar and banjo…She even played on the radio with her sisters, The Buckner Sisters….oh well, music still makes me happy….

Ok…on to something else….how about I tell you about my fear of running out of things to do? I have always since I can remember, felt that the day I had nothing to do, I would die. I mean, really die….Is this fear the reason I have so many things going on?

I have cross stitch to finish, puzzles to finish, about a million pumpkins to finish, books to read, and the list goes on…This PF thing has nothing on me, I am going to live forever….I have too much to do to die just now…..see the picture if you don’t believe me…

Well, I am going to close for now and work on some of my to dos.

Love you guys and Blessings to you

The Deadly Wreath # 25

6b5837f1-67da-45c0-b9b2-604969f5a74f.jpegHello everyone…..Are you staying warm?  Bradley and I are as snug as a bug…..we use to love to walk in the snow…. I can’t and he likes the cold, but not this cold..

I haven’t been doing much lately now that Hallmark Christmas is over and football almost over.  I guess I will now wait on the Olympics to start and basketball.

My pumpkin decor has come to a stand still…either people do not like them or I don’t know how to market them… can see them on my Facebook page…Creative Designs by Ms Gail…. I guess I am going to have to find something else to pass my time with……I guess it is back to working puzzles and coloring…..

You know, we talked about my losing weight after the first of the year.  I saw my Pulmonologist and on my chart was marked the dreaded “obese”…. I see him again in May and I am going to try my best to lose some weight by then…Notice…. I said try….It’s not easy when you are alone most of the time, can’t exercise and cook for only one…AND I have a major sweet tooth…. I could have oatmeal for breakfast but I would rather have a donut, pop tart or Oreos and a glass of milk…lunch is a bowl of soup or sandwich with chips…. I don’t do fast food…because…. I can’t drive..only reason….every now and then, I will convince Sandy to stop by McDonalds on her way home from work and bring me a Large order of fries…..Ohhh so good….

Now, Sandy and Al do my grocery shopping for me.. I have on my list healthy food, trying to think what is healthy….let’s see….corn dogs, frozen French fries, frozen biscuits, frozen sausage patties, chicken pot pies and so on…..I supply my pantry with junk food from Walmart on-line 2 day delivery service..  I try to time the delivery so I get it and hide it before Sandy finds it.   Well good luck with losing weight… I have NO Willpower…..

Change of subject……

I am pretty sure you all know, if you have been following ny posts, that I am dying.  And yes I know that we are all dying,  but my death may be sooner than later… I was told 3 to 5 years…2 have I guess that leaves me 1 to 3 years left….

I believe in God and I know He will send His Angels for me when He is ready…I am not afraid of dying and I have a living will and a DNR…Am I getting personal?  Yes I am..I have a terrible disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis.  No cure… I am on oxygen 24/7 and more fatigue by the day…. I got this disease by inhaling fibers from burlap I was using to make wreaths…So, my title is very true “The Deadly Wreath”….

I have so much more to tell you about..but for now I am very tired and must take a nap….  Blessings to all of you…




The Deadly Wreath – Post #24

Hello friends….Sorry I have not written to you for awhile…..As far as my health is concerned, I saw my pulmonary doctor and I am holding my own (sorta)  I am scheduled to have another breathing function test and CT Scan in May….

As of right now, on this 2 days til Christmas,  I am fighting depression with all that is in me…..Sandy and Al’s part and my part of this house is bare of any decorations.   No tree, no packages, and not a lot of laughter.   Jennifer, as you probably know, is Sandy’s daughter and my granddaughter, passed away almost 3 months ago……I am still having a hard time accepting that she is gone……

I am very tired, could sleep all day and night, having a hard time getting motivated

…..I am sure most of this is due to my disease, that and my having a pitty party these last few days…please remember when using burlap, wear a mask….

I want to get back to my telling you my story….the good, bad and ugly stories of my life with my late husband Ray, our almost 40 year marriage, our three daughters and two granddaughters. 

Well, it is now the day after Christmas…The extent of my Christmas was “Happy Birthday Jesus” the most important part,.  It is very cold here this morning 12° Bradley did not stay outside very long……..

I have had a good time making my pumpkins….The Gnome was a hit and I have 6 available, then no more….They are great to display all winter…… I am going to start on my Valentine pumpkins…maybe that will get me motivated…..

This disease prevents me from going shopping…..I get out of my little house once every six months, so Sandy can take me to the doctor.  She does all my shopping for me….except for what I buy online.  This helps me pass the time, plus watching all the Christmas movies on TV..and yes, I watched the same ones over and over again……My favorite Christmas movie is The Holiday….

Well, I think I will stop for now..To you and yours, hope you had a merry Christmas and Blessings in the new year….

The Deadly Wreath – Post # 23

Hello friends…It has been some time since I have posted…So much has happened lately…Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes,  Wildfires and Mass Shooting….While All of this is horrible,  it has not effected me…

You ask…..What has effected me?   On September 29, my sweet first born granddaughter Jennifer passed away from complications of pneumonia …She was 33,  No one expected this to happen..I was supposed to die first….not Jennifer… it is very hard for me to believe she is gone.

She would spend the summers with me and her papa Ray in Tennessee as she was growing up….She had a sidekick,  her cousin Jessica.  They loved the pool and first thing every morning, no matter how early, They wanted to go swimming…. So I made a rule…They could not get into the water until the sun covered the entire pool…..They would set on the steps in their swimming suits and watch the sun…….They loved going to Walmart, what seemed like everyday,  to buy Barbie Dolls with the money Papa would give them…..

After High School graduation, Jennifer lived with us and attended Tennessee Tech……

We had some good times….We went on a cruise, just the two of us and her faithful sidekick,  Jessica…..Boy, those two girls really loved each other.  We went snorkeling, had our hair braided with beads, they flirted with all the boys….Getting dressed up for dinner.  Beautiful memories…….Jennifer was the sweetest, kindest and most beautiful young woman whose life was just taking off..She loved her family, her fiance Carl, her three dogs, her job at Victoria Secrets, God, and life in general…..

My only comfort is in the fact that she is with her Papa Ray in Heaven.  I am sure they are having a good old time.  Going fishing, playing with all the dogs and I  hope, waiting for me….and I pray that God will say “Jennifer, you and your grandma are in charge of babies and puppies”  Oh what fun !!!!

I am going to stop now, my heart is hurting….I will get back to my regular blog about the dangers of burlap later…But for now this is for Jennifer…I love you






The Deadly Wreath – Post # 22

Hello friends…my health is changing daily…It is very hard to not get depressed…I am fighting it as much as I can.  Pulmonary Fibrosis is a progressive lung disease that has no cure….I wear oxygen 24 / 7 and fatigue is my main problem.   Enough complaining. …my thoughts and prayers are with all the flooding victims in Texas….

I have started posting my pumpkins for sale on my facebook page    Creative Designs by Ms Gail    adding more daily..

My next blog, I will tell you about my Gun’s n Roses…..I work with flowers and I am a gun dealer….OH MY..   Blessings to all of you.