As I said in my previous post, I loved making my wreaths. Being a widow for 15 yrs and living on Social Security, the extra income was helpful…

I had been using grapevine and greenery wreaths as my base….but around February, 2015, I saw this new material being used and thought I would give it a try…

This material was Burlap Ribbon and it is what is killing me……After making my first wreath with was such a hit…I started making all my wreaths using this burlap..little did I know what I was doing to my lungs.  

I sold these wreaths as fast as I could make them…The prep work was easy,  I would sit in my recliner with a towel on my lap (it was messy) and work for hours cutting the burlap into 6″ pieces and fraying the ends.  I always had my ceiling fan going…the reason I mention the fan, is it stirred up all the fibers from the burlap I  was shredding.  

These fibers are what I was inhaling and did not know it….ok, enough for today..time for my nap…have lots more to share..Blessings to you all. .

2 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post #2 

  1. I can beleave this. My mom many years ago my mothwr worked at Amarican Bag compony. Her lungs calapste.
    She was fine. Losther last yer. But it dose do some damage.
    Thank you for this story.


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