Hello friends,  my story continues…….sorry late but basketball, April and my 2000 pc puzzle has kept me very busy lol…..

After finding this very popular material (burlap) I went wild making wreaths.   From March to November, 2015,  I made 175 wreaths.  I was invited to many shows, barn sales and festivals and Santa’s Workshop. You can see my wreaths on my Facebook page Creative Designs by Ms Gail. 
I started having shortness of breath in July. I had at this time been working with burlap for about 4 months.   I saw my family doctor and he sent me to a Lung Doctor. She checked me out and sent me for a CT SCAN, thinking I might have a blood clot in my lung…She also scheduled a overnight pulse oxygen test to see if I was getting enough oxygen when I slept….. Everything came back fine….No blood clot and my oxygen levels were nornal when I was sleeping.  YEA ME!!  So what did I do? …

 I CONTINUED TO USE BURLAP TO MAKE MY WREATHS !!!!!!  Only from August til til November, I worked full time getting ready for Fall Shows and my biggest and best show…Santa’s Workshop. 

Now as I walked my best friend, Bradley (my Shih Tzu Dog) we walked everyday….I noticed the shortness of breath was getting worse.  I had to stop to rest more often and our walks became shorter and shorter, to the point I was only able to walk him around the yard instead of the mile we did everyday….Having no idea why I was so exhausted, I would still work burlap, take a nap and continue to work burlap.   UNTIL  the night of November 14, 2015….

Sorry I have to stop now,  I need my nap…..Will continue after..Thank you and Blessings to you all. 

One thought on “The Deadly Wreath – Post #3

  1. Ok, this is valuable info that could help many wreath makers! I would rather read all of the info in one post so I can share with others, not tidbits of info in each blog waiting for the next!!


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