I will pick up where I left off…..After 18 days in the hospital,  I was transferred by ambulance to a inpatient rehab facility.  I was there for 35 days.   They worked with me everyday.  They taught me how to walk again…After 18 days in bed, I had lost all muscles in my legs….They taught me how to do laundry, do dishes, get in and out of a bathtub.  Of course, in my mind, I knew how to do these things, but my body was too weak.

The people there were wonderful !!  Loved them all, physical therapists, nurses, aides, shower ladies,  all were great…I got to see my dog Bradley,  he had a bad experience while was  in rehab…He almost lost his eye.   Thanks to the Vet,  he healed and is fine today.  We were apart for 53 days..

Only bad thing  about being there for 35 days was Medicare would only pay  for 20 days and I  have to pay for the extra 15 days. (Still making payments) and got pneumonia for second time and started antibotics.   All this on Christmas Day and because there was no warning label on the burlap to wear a mask when working with it….

My daughter came from Ohio where she is the supervisor for the Victoria Secret Call Center.  She, along with my other two daughters, finished the wreaths I was making and set up at Santa’s Workshop for me.  They did great and sold all my items…

on January 7th I was able to leave the rehab facility. ..I had my oxygen and my walker…Boy, was I ready to go…..the next 10 days were very busy…Kind of enjoyed it tho…I got to sit in my recliner and tell everyone what to do……

In 10 days my house was for sale (I will tell more about my 139 yr old house later) and with the help of family, friends and church family…I was able to pack up my belongings..selling the items I  could not take,  giving away a lot, loading a moving truck and a large trailer, I was on my way to Ohio to live with my daughter and son-in-law.   They had a mother in law quarters for me to live in…..

As you can see…not only was my health affected, but my whole life and my way of living was changed….ALL BECAUSE THERE WAS NO WARNING LABEL TO WEAR A MASK WHILE WORKING WITH THE BURLAP.

I know you are getting tired of reading this and I am very tired from writing… (truth be known it has taken me 2 days to write)     I have so much more to tell and I will post again soon…Thank you and Blessings to you all.

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