Good morning…Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  I started my day watching a wonderful message on getting my fix on (with Jesus) from Life Church in Cookeville, Tn.

Now, I have a secret….I am addicted to jelly beans…So what does my daughter get me for Easter?    A 4lb container of Jelly Belly jelly beans. “49 flavors”.      Needless to say, I enjoyed those jelly beans until I had a stomach ache.  Now I have to hide them from myself. (Good luck with that.).

Ok, let me get back to how using the burlap ribbon that was made in China and sold at Walmart, totally changed my life…..This is my home that I loved..Built in 1878 by a doctor.  After I bought it, I restored it to the original as best as I could.  I removed the carpet to find the original heart pine wood floors.  The upstairs was the servant guarters.  The homeowners were wealthy and would have girls from the country come to town and live with them to be housekeepers for room and FB_IMG_1488829688121board and be able to go to school.  A friend of mine, her mother was one of these girls and she said she had washed these windows many times.

This was my home and I loved it.  I had wonderful neighbors and Bradley and I enjoyed our morning walks in town..  I had a craft room to make my wreaths in.    I miss spring time with all my flowers in bloom.  I had worked very hard to make this old house beautiful again and I did not plan on leaving, but this health problem would not let me live there on my own… (more about this later)

 As Bradley and I  got into the car to travel to Ohio,  I believed that when I got better, I would come back…..

Tomorrow I will tell you about my new life starting in Ohio…Blessings to you all.

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