Good day to you….last time I talked to you I was in the car heading for Ohio…..

On January 17, 2016, I arrived at my daughters house in Carlisle, Ohio along with Bradley, a moving van and a trailer.  Made the trip on one canister of oxygen…..I was settled in and the boys unloaded the van and trailer.  Everything was taken down 7 steps to my Mother in law quarters. I was upstairs in my bedroom for the next 6 months or so..when I was able to help, we set up my home…..I have my own privacy, bathroom,  bedroom with a walk in closet and a wall of book shelves, livingroom with fireplace,  kitchen area and another area I use as dining room, craft area and where I work my puzzles……Love my area, just wish I didn’t have to be here…

I had a visit with my new doctor a few days after we got here….She arranged for me to continue my physical therapy at home.  Physical therapy twice a week, occupational therapy twice a week and nurse twice a week.    They kept me very busy but I looked forward to their company….a reason to get up, dress and make myself presentable  (as best as I could )  My walking was getting better and I could get out of my chair easier.  All the things we take for granted each day. 

On my first trip out, Sandy took me to Walmart  (BIG MISTAKE) I did ok in a wheelchair. .Enjoyed the trip very much..but..a few days later I was in the hospital with pneumonia AND the flu…….So much for being out in public..

I see my lung doctor every 6 months for CT SCAN and breathing tests.  So far I am holding my own.  I see him again May 19th.  I don’t feel good about this appointment.   

I believe I have brought you pretty much up to date….I will post again later in the week.   Remember the main reason for this post….A simple warning to wear a mask when working with this burlap could have saved my life…and I could go back to before, happy in my little old house, walking Bradley and making my wreaths….Thank you for reading..Blessings to all. .

2 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 7

  1. God is able I set home and do my wreaths I have m.s. But I know God is more than enough praying for healing for you God bless you and give you strength to go on.


  2. It is always so good to hear from you. We sure miss you and I think of you and the beautiful. Wreaths every time I pass your house. It still looks really good and well kept. Maybe, you can come back before it sells. Love ya, orlene


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