Hello, if you don’t mind, I think I will just talk to you today…..

I have been in Carlisle, Ohio for 15 months now….I do not know anyone here and I can’t get out to meet anyone..So my days are some what lonely….My daughter and son-in-law have already gone to work by the time I get up…So..what do I do all day long?   Well, let me tell you…

I wake up around 9am. I thank the Lord for giving me another day,  I lift bradley off the bed…yes, he sleeps with me every night.   He lets me know when it is time for bed by standing on the steps to the bed and barking…and doesn’t stop until I  lift him on the bed…sorry, back to my day..after  Bradley is down, I make my bed.  My mother taught me this..if your bed is made, your whole house seems clean…going on, I fix myself a hot cup of tea, turn my oxygen intake to 4 liters, and take Bradley up 13 steps and let him out into the fenced in back yard…he is joined by Madusa, my daughter and son-in-laws Pit Bull. I  will tell you about Bradley and Madusa’s relationship later.  After walking up 13 steps, dragging my oxygen hose and getting the dogs outside, I am exhausted.  I sit until they are ready to come back in…

I have done the necessities.  Now I have the whole day ahead of me…now what to do.  I  just finished a 2000 pc puzzle, only took me 4 months to finish….well, Sandy comes downstairs and guess what she has….Another 2000 pc puzzle.   This was last night, so today I started working on it…when I get tired I will sit in my recliner and read my bible, then check my facebook then watch TV for awhile..Love Hallmark channel, ID channel and any other crime type show.   Also all sports..

I love getting mail, look forward to the mailman even if it is only bills.  I walk up the 13 steps again to let Bradley out and then walk back down the 13 steps..the reason I am telling you this, that it totally wears me out…I have to rest for awhile before I  can do anything else…the rest of the day is eat, feed Bradley, watch some TV and then go to bed….Sandy works long hours, gets home about 8 pm.  She comes down to see me.  We visit for a few minutes, then off to bed….

This condition is horrible..has totally changed my life and not for the better….Next post I will tell you all about Pulmonary Fibrosis and why it is killing me.

Thank you so much for letting me rattle on and on……Blessings to all of you. 

4 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 8

  1. If you’d leave an address I’d love to send you a card in the mail! Visited Carlisle when son was checking colleges. Just loved it!

    Thank you for sharing your stor


  2. I would also like to send a card but do not know what name to send it to as I came to this through facebook. I was just ready to try my first burlap wreath, but honestly when I brought it in the house the smell concerned me so I hadn’t started it yet. Thanks to you, I probably will not! Thank you so much for your insights!


  3. Gail love reading your post. Have been following you ever since you first posted
    about your condition sorry that you are going through this illness. I never work with burlap much don’t like how dirty it is when I do because someone askes I take precautions and that’s thanks to you anytime you get lonely send me a text and we’ll chat.


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