I just want to thank everyone for reading my posts.  Hoping it will help others…I have had a few questions….friends that want to see all the posts…If you read the first one “The Deadly Wreath” on the bottom of the post it should lead you to post #2 …2 should lead you to 3 and so on…

Also, I have had friends ask for my address..Brenda Gail Dyer  280 Lantis Drive   Carlisle, Ohio 45005.

Your comments left me up everyday…Blessings to all of you. .    I will continue my posts later today…Got to tell you about my Shih Tzu Dog  and his somewhat friend and housemate the Pit Bull…..

11 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 10

  1. HI my name is Marsha. I live in a tiny town called Cassopolis in lower southwestern Michigan. I’m disabled with back issues since September 2011, at the ageneral of 42. I am 48 now.

    I’m a smoker, which I absolutely hate but am horribly addicted. I have COPD (asthma to be exact) caused from smoking for the last 32 years. My Dr has told me if I don’t quit I will end up with emphysema very soon. I’ve tried the patches way back in 1993 when they first came out. I had to stop using them because I started breaking out in a rash during the third week. The nicotine gum hurts my throat, and the Chantix makes me horribly depressed.

    I started crafting last summer as a way to fI’ll some if my time, and hopefully be able to sell some of my crafts since my SSI DOES not go far at all.

    I’ve only made deco mesh wreaths so far, but burlap is definitely in my future. I’m very grateful to you for your blog. I will be going to Walmart today and I will be buying some masks while I’m there.

    I know you don’t want pity or sympathy, but I just can’t help but feel horrible for you. I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. I am so sorry this happened to you!! They should have had a warning label! If it was from China or Timbuktu it should have had a warning label! I’m so impressed with your good attitude and I know Bradley helps, except when he sits on your oxygen tubes!!! I grieve for you and your home that you loved. I will continue to think of you.


  3. Good morning my friend!!! I love both dogs but bet they do argue not and again..one tries to be the alpha and one loses. You are like me and love furbabies. I know the pit is your daughter’s dog, but they must get along as they look nice and healthy. I am glad you explained how to get to the #1 post and on to the rest…I tried but didn’t know if I was successful or not. Try to have a good day today and I will be thinking about you. I am on my way to my parents house as I do look in twice daily on them and do things while I am there too. Talk to you soon 🙂


  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and I am glad I did. My heart goes out to you and I am sorry for your prognosis.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences and also your spirit and faith as you continue to lift and help others. Blessings from sunny Arizona!


  5. Brenda! I just want to say your attitude about everything that has happened to you is inspiring. God is the ONLY one who has the last say in everything. And until HE is ready to call you home, you’re here! I’m sending my prayers, my thoughts and my love and friendship to you from Arkansas. I too have a shih tzu whose name is Buster and we both send our love to you and yours. Hang in there Brenda. We serve a MIGHTY GOD! No matter what the future holds, HE HOLDS THE FUTURE! 🙂


  6. Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m in Port Richey Florida. It’s a little town about an hour from Tampa and an hour from St. Petersburg. I found you because someone posted a link to your blog in a Dollar Tree Craft Group and I’m so happy they did. I really appreciate the fact that you are able to share this info and I will also post and share your link as well. I am so sorry for what has occurred in your life and completely understand. I am disabled as well although I’m still waiting for my hearing and have been for two and a half years, so financially have been devastated. The isolation is the worst I think. Before becoming ill, I was a nurse for 25 years. Now there are days I can barely make it off the bed – You are doing great that you actually can make your bed! lol. You sound like such a loving people person and that’s another hard part is losing the ability to interact with others and make a difference. But it sounds as though you try to make every encounter mean something and that’s a great outlook. Make sure you take the time to actually grieve. We have lost a life – our own. And many do not understand what that means. We have lost our identities, our freedom, our homes, relationships, finances,our choices, and so much more. I am still working my way through the 5 stages of grief and they are not wrapped up in a nice little box, even and pretty – they come when they want, all cattywampass and mixed up and take us off guard! So be patient and loving with yourself. and do as much as you can to enjoy this life!! Sending love and prayers and kisses to your puppy too!! ❤ Ps Please feel free to friend me on facebook!


  7. I found your blog through some really weird ways. I’m a 30 something mum from Australia who is always, constantly, crafting.

    I had a friend with Byssionsis from handling textiles and at first thought that may have been the case, you may not know by Byssionsis eventually tends to clear up once exposure has been removed.

    While I know you do not want sympathy, I am so very sorry for your diagnosis but you seem to be handling it amazingly well and telling your story here on your blog will immortalise your words for all the future generations of your family.

    I wish I had something similar of my grandmother who was an amazing seamstress in her time.

    I truly wish you all the best with your treatments and look forward to reading your blog as you post it.

    All blessings to you.


  8. Greetings!
    I’m Debby, I live in Wisconsin with my Husband, 2 young sons, and my Spoiled Shichon Puppy “Brinkley”. Your story has captured my heart. I too make Burlap wreaths, however I had not seen the kind you used to make where you fray the ends.. I’m so thankful that I saw your story as it has saved me from a possibly similar outcome. When I’m not doing all my domestic “Stay-at-Home” Supermom chores, I craft. I have shelved my wreath making for awhile and have moved onto rehabbing old furniture. This too could really affect my lungs! Because of your story I will now forever wear a mask when doing either of these types of crafts and possibly others too!

    You truly have no idea how you are helping so many people with your story! I so am so sad to hear about you losing the ability to live in a home you adore and love so much. My grandmother was 98 when she died and still lived in and cared for her own home until the day she went to Heaven. It was the thing that made her happiest. Please don’t get down because of this though, it sounds like you have a wonderful family who cares for you. My husbands grandmother lived in an elderly residential facility and although it was a beautiful place to live, it depressed her greatly. She too lived on oxygen in the last couple of years of her life.

    I will continue to pray for you daily and I must say your puppy is adorable. My Brinkley (who is partly Shih-tzu) says hello! ❤

    Take care and I hope to read more of your stories. They remind me so much of my grandmothers that I truly miss.

    Love, Peace and Blessings to you!
    Debby Taves


  9. Hi lovely lady. I’m reading this from Lake Macquarie, Australia. I just wanted you to see how far your blog has reached. Your story is so sad and I just wanted to wish you all the best xxx


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