Hello friends…I am so very Blessed….I did not realize just how much until today….I believe in God and how He can answers prayers 
…I have shared with you how God heard your prayers when I  was near death in the ICU.  He let me come back and I believe that I know why……

When I got so sick and needed to sell my house, I would and still do, pray “The Prayer of Jabez”.   Jabez asked God for four things…

  Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me, and that You would keep me from evil..

I thought praying this would help to sell my house, but God had other ways He wanted to bless me…..He gave me the ability to write this blog to warn others of the dangers of working with burlap and to tell my story….He definitely enlarged my territory..OVER 80,000 VIEWS from all over the world…His hand has been with me everyday to give me strength to write this and He has kept me from evil as I have not had a single bad response….

You all have been so wonderful with your concerns and prayers.  You lift me up everyday.  I also pray that the attorney will be able to force the manufacturer of this burlap to attach a warning label to wear a mask when using. 

Now, I am going to take a break and fix myself something to eat……Did I mention that I am the world’s worst cook?  I may have to leave this for another post…..here is an example of my talents in the kitchen.. This was yesterday’s lunch…Ritz crackers, spray can cheese topped with an olive and supper was a bowl of ceral.  More later…Blessings to all of you. . 

2 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 12

  1. I have been really busy with my Mom lately…she has cancer and I am a caregiver to my parents anyway, but sometimes the day just doesn’t hold enough minutes for me. I hope you had a very nice day today and there was sunshine there as there is here. We had a great day for a change and the rain came in the night instead of the day which was really nice. Wishing you all the best….from Iowa again, Deb 🙂


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