Hello friends….I am kinda on pins and needles here..I had my 6 month CT Scan Wednesday and am waiting for results.  I have an appointment with my lung doctor on Friday and Wednesday the 17th is my birthday of 72 years…One year closer to my goal of 85…..

I know that wedding season is upon us and many brides have used burlap for their decorations in the past, so if you are going to decorate with burlap, PLEASE wear a mask…

Well, it’s for sure that I did not have burlap or for that matter….any decorations at my wedding….I was 17 and Ray was 24…we were married in a church with another couple.. (a double wedding)  My  wedding rings cost $49.00 ( we had to make payments).   I wore a white suit and Ray wore a suit and tie…He sure was handsome……   

ay and I  were married almost 40 years.  He passed away 16 years ago, from Pulmonary Fibrosis. ..the same thing I have….mine caused by burlap fibers and his by ground up glass….from sandblasting many years ago..before the safety rules were in effect…I pray my death will be as easy as his was..We were in the hospital and I was laying in bed with him with my arms around him, when the nurse came in and told me he had passed.   It was so peaceful……  I loved him very much and miss him to this day.  We were total opposites.  I will tell you about him in another post…He was definitely a hand full !!!  Blessings to you all. 

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