Hello friends…Hope all you Mother’s had a great Mother’s day. Well……I got my CT Scan  results this morning….I believe I am holding my own….Not sure..I do not understand all the findings……I see my Pulmonary Doctor on Friday and I am sure he will explain everything….I am still short of breath and very fatigued.  I believe I know why….You are never going to believe this BUT……..

I AM FAT……since I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis,  I have gained 30 pounds !!  Bad eating habits and little to no exercise.   As far back as I can remember,  I would wake up in the middle of the night and was Sure that I could not go back to sleep until I  had my glass of milk and my Oreos….Ray use to get onto me about this so I started hiding any evidence of my middle of night snack….Well, hate to say but, I still do this…I just don’t have to hide it now….

Ray has been gone for 16 years now…I have no one to hold me accountable for my bad eating habits….I love sweets, pastries and Coke…..I will get on a kick…eat the same thing for weeks at a time, get tired of it and eat something else for weeks….I can go months without potato chips and then eat a bag every other of day ….I feel like the meal that I am eating is going to be my last, soooooo…I eat enough for two….

Are you wondering why I am telling you all of this?     I AM going to lose weight and I  need to be held accountable. …So, I am going to share this latest journey with you…..

As I have said before…I am a terrible cook….When I got married at 17, I was still a kid….I never had to cook.  Dad did all the cooking…Mom could not cook either….So I learned how to fry potatoes and fry pork chops….I over cook or burn everything I cook.  Ray told me once that if the pork chops were not cooked well done that they could kill us….so I made sure everything was well done..I had to learn the basics..like boil water and thaw out a chicken in time for it to be cooked for supper…Our first apartment has a hole in the drywall where Ray put that first frozen chicken…

My mother in law didn’t like me very much…She lived in Hindman, Kentucky….gardens, canning, soup beans and cornbread….I didn’t have a clue…..Her other daughter in law was from nearby and could do all of this…she loved her….I have burnt a many soup beans…  I have never made a casserole or a pie….I CAN make a killer banana pudding, great dressing, super peanut butter fudge..that’s about it…..

Ok…I have given up my Cokes.  Jelly beans and after Wednesday ( my birthday)  cake with yummy icing…I am drinking Lipton diet Green Tea…now I am going to figure out what I can eat…Wish me luck…p.s.  now I know why my youngest daughter, Susan ate a Jif peanut butter sandwich every day….Blessings to all. .

2 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 14

  1. You may not be able to cook but you sure made beautiful wreaths. I’m not the best cook either but so what, we have other talents.


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