Hello friends…I want to start by saying that my problems seem so small compared to the parents of all the young people that were killed or injured in England at the concert.  I pray for the families..

On a lighter note..the Predators won  and will play for the Stanley Cup.   First time ever..proud of these guys !!!

Well, I saw my lung doctor on Friday and I am holding my own !!!  His only concern was my heart and he wants me to see my family doctor..I believe I am fine just a little pressure on my chest with exertion.   I feel it could be because of my weight gain…I probably gained a few more pounds after my birthday dinner of pizza and birthday cake….but boy was it   good!!!    By the way, thank you for all the birthday wishes and cards…Meant the world to me…..

I  was wondering what I would talk to you about today.   On the way home from the doctor, Sandy and I were talking about Ray….her dad and my late husband……on how we were total opposites. …here are a few examples….

I was optimistic, saw the good in all, everything would be ok and so on..       Ray was pessimistic, saw the bad, doubted everything, everyone and so on…I had patience and Ray had none…..if anything had to be put together, I would try to do it while he was at work.  If things didn’t go together the first time with him, he was finished with it….in the trash or down the hill it would go….I never cussed and Ray could put a sailor to shame…

We were very different but we loved each other and were married for almost 40 years.  We had a lot of rough times, worked through them and never considered a life apart..There were times when I wanted to take my fist and hit him across his mouth as hard as could…you know what he said?  “Come on, give me your best shot”   of course I never did……

Ray was a hard worker, never met a stranger, very outspoken….told you to your face exactly what he thought…but he had a heart of gold.  He could not stand to see a child in need…we spent many a Christmas shopping for food and gifts for families that were having a hard time……in another post I will tell you about the time early in our marriage how WE were having a hard time…on welfare and food stamps……

I am going to stop for now.  I appreciate you all……I started this blog to warn people about the dangers of burlap,  but it has turned into a lifeline for me…I know I will never be  in my home again.   Never be able to walk Bradley in my old neighborhood, and so on….I don’t feel so alone and love reading all the comments..?     And…if I can crank my oxygen level up enough,  I might even do another dance for you !!   Blessings to you all

5 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 16

  1. What an awesome picture…both of you look so happy. I love to read your stories you write and look forward to them. I am glad you got good news at your appointment…good for you! I am also glad you had a great birthday…:-) Deb


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