Hello friends…I know it’s been awhile…Update on my health..Level of my fatigue is getting worse.   Having a hard time breathing.  I try to move around as much as I can..with my oxygen on 4 liters, I still get out of breath.    This is my life with Pulmonary Fibrosis. …Only good thing is that I don’t have pain…

OK  Let’s talk about some fun things… Had a visit from a very dear friend from Tennessee.   Loved our visit….we talked about our kids and the good old days..We talked about Ray, my late husband of 40 years…

I could write a book about Ray…He was born and raised in the hills of Kentucky….Ran moonshine, joined the Army, ran over a jeep with the tank he was driving, we met at Frisch’s Big Boy drive in restaurant, engaged to me while he was engaged to someone else.  We got married, quit school, had baby, went to night school to get my diploma.  Went in for my checkup after baby was born and learned we were going to have a second baby…13 months apart !!  He had an accident on the job in construction, fell 15 feet, shattered his ankle and heel bone, in hospital then home on crutches.  Took forever to get worker’s compensation.  Lawyer told us to get food stamps and welfare….I was so embarrassed using food stamps that I would go across town to shop so I would not see anyone I knew.  A local church brought the girls Christmas gifts and us food…  We were thankful, but it really hurt Ray’s pride so…he started his own business, with a pick up truck, a ladder, a caulking gun and his crutches……Ray was a hard worker, hard drinker (loved his beer), I have been embarrassed more than once by his drinking and cussing…..I had to smuggle beer into the hospital.  He talked the nurses into putting it in the refrigerator to keep it cold……

As the business grew, we hired workers….They would work in nice weather and in Winter, Ray started a snow removal service.  That Winter we had a blizzard!!!!  Went to the bank, borrowed money to buy 2 new 4 wheel drive trucks with snowplows.  All total we had 9 plows.  We had shopping centers, grocery stores, banks, restaurants and so on…Ray would take Sandy (she was 13) to a shopping center, put her in a truck and she plowed…

After about 6 weeks, we paid off the loan on the trucks.  Our snowplow business paid for my dream home Ray built for me in Tennessee.  Hard work, long hours but it paid off… 

Tell me this..Do you still want to read my posts?   Are they getting boring?  I know I don’t have a lot of time left but I start writing and more and more comes to mind….  So, I am going to stop for now..Blessings to you all. . 

14 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 17

  1. Keep writing Mama, I love reading your posts. I drive by that house often and I miss it so much. Soooo many wonderful memories in that house!

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  2. Yes, I want to hear more about you, your husband and children. I love family stories/histories…and if it helps you to tell them and remember…..well, bonus for us both! Thank you Gail…I just wish there was something the medical field could do to reverse your condition. When I see all the crafters out there using burlap for their wreaths, bows or whatever, I hope they have read/heard your story and take precautions. Please don’t stop!!!

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  3. Definitely keep writing! You are lovely and your words serve a purpose for both your followers and yourself. Sending love & light your way.


  4. Please continue your posts. I really enjoy “spending time” with you. I will pray🙏🏼for you and hope that you continue on.💞Barbara


  5. Thanks Orlene…love and miss you too….This is my way of remembering all the good times I have had and staying in touch with all my friends in Cookeville. I am homebound and don’t have any friends here..so this is my outlet….


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