Hello friends..First of all..please wear a mask when working with burlap..I did not know that I should wear a mask and inhaling the fibers caused Scaring of my lungs..This disease is called Pulmonary Fibrosis.   This disease is terminal with no cure…

Ok..let me see what I want to talk to you about today..My life revolved around Ray…being married at 17 and Ray being 7 years older,  I depended on Ray for everything…we had some good times and some not so good times… Ray was a very giving man..He took very good care of me and our girls…

Ray never met a stranger and was VERY outspoken…..As I said before..he was a very hard worker and built our Caulking and Waterproofing Co up to be very successful.   We did caulking of precast joints in many high rise buildings…in Chicago,  Fountain Square in Cincinnati,  many schools in three states and lots of hotel, motels.   In 1985, we decided to retire and move to Tennessee….This is where I was born and had lots of family there….We turned our business over to our daughter Sandy and son-in-law to run…

Only one problem with this…..Our youngest daughter was still in school and not one bit happy to leave her friends, her gymnastics and her dance.   Well, she had nothing to worry about……The kids accepted her without any problems.  She was a cheerleader and was chosen to cheer in the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii.   She went on to start a high school dance team (they won many awards) and opened her own dance studio….

I have a good friend who posted on facebook that she wanted suggestions of hotels in Cancun.   Well, I about fell out of my chair.  This brought back some great memories. 

A very good friend was getting a group together to go to Cancun…. we signed up to go…When we arrived at our motel, we were told they had overbooked and did not have rooms for us BUT..not to worry…They were going to bus us over to another hotel that was very nice….

They kind of forgot to tell us that this new hotel was ADULTS ONLY and TOPLESS.   Well let me tell you…..We have always had a swimming pool and Ray never got in. (Said he built it for the kids and grandkids) Well,   I could not get him out of this pool !!!  He had the best tan he ever had….See the picture….also that little grin on that little tanned face !!!!     We had a good time, first time I have been snorkeling,  loved it    

Ok..back to today..since I lost a big part of my income making wreaths,  I think I am going to start making more fabric pumpkins to sell.  You can check these out on my facebook page Creative Designs by Ms Gail.  I have sold all that I have made so far….doing this keeps my hands busy and I enjoy designing them…. What do you think?  

You all have a great day….Blessings 

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