Happy 4th of July friends…last week was pretty good..my daughter Sandy and son-in-law Al took a much needed vacation from work and from me, went to Myrtle Beach for a week.  My Ohio Granddaughter Jennifer stayed with me…We had fun, watching Big Brother, picking our likes and can’t stands.  Personally,  I  dislike Paul… (terrible mouth on him)

We also were in the swimming pool for 3 hours….we were having a great time, doing water exercises, soaking up the sun……. let me tell you about the sun when you have not been in it for a year…….well, 3 hrs was a BIG  BIG  MISTAKE…..not only did we get burnt…we also got scorched….no more pool for the rest of the week.

I told you I would tell you about our dune buggy adventure.   We lived in Dayton, Ohio at the time and Ray decided he was going to build a dune buggy….There were none around the area so he found a 67 VW in Kentucky and tore the body off and ordered a fiberglass dune buggy body from California.  It was pretty cool, no doors, no top, just jumped in an off you go.  I would strap Sandy and Linda in the passenger seat and race to the grocery store….and I  mean race…when that red light turned green, I beat everybody…..it was a definite attention getter…….

Well, Ray decided we should take it on a trip to Eagle River,  Wisconsin.   No kids, just the two of us…It was summer time…and we had to stop and buy heavy coats because the wind was freezing…the windshield was not tall enough to shield our heads…We got some weird stares when we drove through small towns with winter hoods on…..When it rained we tried to get under an overpass…finally had to stop at a garage and drill holes in the floorboard so the water could drain out….Well, we had fun and made it back home….

We took it to Tennessee and while we were at the lake, my Uncle Issac Woods drove it all over town…It was fun to drive….

Ok, I am now known as the crazy lady that walks her dog in the neighborhood using a walker and portable oxygen.   I will have to take a picture, I am sure I am a site to see…..I have decided that I am not giving in to this PF disease.  As long as I can walk and breath, I am doing it..

I have been working on my pumpkins….Should have some ready to sell within the next week…I will be listing them on my facebook page   Creative Designs by Ms Gail.  Enjoy making them…keeps me busy…Till next time…..

Blessings to you all. . . . 

4 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 20

  1. We have Big Brother in common. I have been watching it since it started. This is the 1st year that I don’t like any of the players. Millinials (most of them), very judgmental and very rude. The way the game is played has really changed, but I will continue to watch it. Glad you are getting out and about somewhat. Take care!

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