Hello friends..been awhile..my health is not the greatest…I am at the point to where I  spend my days sitting.  My brain wants to do so much but my body just won’t let me…I will not complain and will not give in until God says it’s time…

So….I have to keep my mind and hands busy…I am making decorated stuffed pumpkins.  I can do this while sitting…I enjoy choosing the fabric…I am no longer able to leave the house to shop , so I  shop on line,  like just about everyone. …

I buy a lot of my fabric from Walmart..they have free shipping with orders over $35 and 2 day shipping….

Since I  no longer can make my wreaths, this is the next best thing….I plan on selling these, not to make money (well, maybe enough to pay for my supplies)  but it is great therapy for me….if these go well, I will make them for year round, fall, Christmas all holiday settings or until I get burnt out. would also be cute for weddings or just for gifts…..prices will be $5.00 and up depending on size and how they are decorated and if stacked….

While I work on these, I have plenty of time to think back about my past..Today I was thinking about my mom.   I  did not like my father very much, but I sure did love my mom.  I was born in Cookeville, Tn.  I remember being a Brownie and going to Capshaw School.  We lived on Hudgens St and one day I opened a dresser draw and found little tiny pink mice….Funny the things we remember…

We moved to Dayton, Ohio after that so my dad could find work.  My mom worked as a elevator operator downtown and then at Miami Valley Hospital in central distribution setting up operating rooms.     

I remember her saying. ..Never say Hate or Shut-up.   I would get a whipping for that…..then there was the time I rode the bus downtown (I was probably 12-13) ..I stole some false fingernails from McCrorys store….Mom found them and made me ride the bus back downtown and return them.  I never stole anything again !!!

She was a special lady…loved me and my brother very much….also her Granddaughters…I could write a book just about her…She died way too young at age 66 of pancreatic cancer…

Well ya’all,  I  guess I will get off here and make some more pumpkins….One good thing, I am using up my supplies I didn’t sell.  

I am showing pictures of some I have made so far…still working on the cat..  Blessings to all of you. .See ya soon. .

5 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 21

  1. You really need to post these pumpkins with price sweetie. They are selling now and people will buy them. Very nice work and love them all. One of the groups that will let you sell in…I know some destash groups as well…just contact me ok? Deb N


  2. Very pretty! I’m glad you’ve found something to keep you occupied that you enjoy doing! We all need an outlet. Thanks for sharing. Prayers for better health!

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