Hello friends…It has been some time since I have posted…So much has happened lately…Hurricanes, Flooding, Earthquakes,  Wildfires and Mass Shooting….While All of this is horrible,  it has not effected me…

You ask…..What has effected me?   On September 29, my sweet first born granddaughter Jennifer passed away from complications of pneumonia …She was 33,  No one expected this to happen..I was supposed to die first….not Jennifer… it is very hard for me to believe she is gone.

She would spend the summers with me and her papa Ray in Tennessee as she was growing up….She had a sidekick,  her cousin Jessica.  They loved the pool and first thing every morning, no matter how early, They wanted to go swimming…. So I made a rule…They could not get into the water until the sun covered the entire pool…..They would set on the steps in their swimming suits and watch the sun…….They loved going to Walmart, what seemed like everyday,  to buy Barbie Dolls with the money Papa would give them…..

After High School graduation, Jennifer lived with us and attended Tennessee Tech……

We had some good times….We went on a cruise, just the two of us and her faithful sidekick,  Jessica…..Boy, those two girls really loved each other.  We went snorkeling, had our hair braided with beads, they flirted with all the boys….Getting dressed up for dinner.  Beautiful memories…….Jennifer was the sweetest, kindest and most beautiful young woman whose life was just taking off..She loved her family, her fiance Carl, her three dogs, her job at Victoria Secrets, God, and life in general…..

My only comfort is in the fact that she is with her Papa Ray in Heaven.  I am sure they are having a good old time.  Going fishing, playing with all the dogs and I  hope, waiting for me….and I pray that God will say “Jennifer, you and your grandma are in charge of babies and puppies”  Oh what fun !!!!

I am going to stop now, my heart is hurting….I will get back to my regular blog about the dangers of burlap later…But for now this is for Jennifer…I love you






3 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 23

  1. I miss her so very much. I have a picture on the refrigerator of the two of us and I look at it every single day and remember so so many wonderful times that we had. I can only imagine what kind of fun her and Papa are having up there in Heaven! I love you dearly, Mama.


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