Good morning friends and family….As I sit here with The Eagles Greatest Hits blaring in the background, I am trying to think what we can talk about today…

First, lets get the health thing out of the way…..I am not getting better, and won’t, but I woke up this morning and I thank God for that…..Pulmonary Fibrosis is a disease that destroys the lungs making it very hard to breath. It is not a cancer, but kills as many people a year as Breast cancer…I have been attached to this oxygen hose from the first day I was diagnosed with PF…

Try this…attach one end of a 50 ft rope to a item in your house with the other end attached to you…..Now, go about your day,….Can’t go very far can you? You get hung on everything, you trip over it, you get tangled in it, your dog loves to sit on it..BUT, there is ONE good thing about it…It keeps you ALIVE. Enough said…

You know, I love music….As I listen to the Eagles, I sing along with them, thank goodness Bradley is the only one that can hear me, and I would get up and dance if I had the energy…..

Now, about this song and dance issue….as I said, I love music, but I have NO talent…My singing is horrible…even hurts me to listen to myself and my dancing my be worse (have you seen my video?) My mother, rest her soul, never had a lesson, but could sing, play the piano, guitar and banjo…She even played on the radio with her sisters, The Buckner Sisters….oh well, music still makes me happy….

Ok…on to something else….how about I tell you about my fear of running out of things to do? I have always since I can remember, felt that the day I had nothing to do, I would die. I mean, really die….Is this fear the reason I have so many things going on?

I have cross stitch to finish, puzzles to finish, about a million pumpkins to finish, books to read, and the list goes on…This PF thing has nothing on me, I am going to live forever….I have too much to do to die just now…..see the picture if you don’t believe me…

Well, I am going to close for now and work on some of my to dos.

Love you guys and Blessings to you

5 thoughts on “The Deadly Wreath – Post # 26

  1. God bless you Ms. Gail. You are a true fighter. I hope you can have your goal come true about the label on the products. Was wondering in Wal-Mart has every done anything for you. Beacuse they should. They truly do owe you your life. After reading your blogs, I will not be using burlap in any of my wreaths. Thank you for sharing. My God bless you and watch over you. β€β€β€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό


    1. Jean..Thank you for your kind words…..I have not heard anything from Walmart….Before I die, I would love to see a warning tag on the burlap would not be popular and people would stop using it….Blessing to you….


  2. Hi there! My name is Corinne and I’m just about to turn 40. I have 3 children, one son Steven age 16 diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and two daughters Alexa and Erica ( Iggy) 11 and 9 respectively, one of whom is diagnosed with severe ADHD. I engaged to a wonderful loving man , Jarrett, who is an amazing father and soon to be hubbie. We are struggling with life right now because of some recent deaths with Jarrett’s father passing quickly and without warning to cancer and his Boss of 18 years’ wife Beverly from a two year spiral down hill from cancer.
    I am letting you know all this because I read your life and loved all of your sweet anecdotes and experiences.
    I’m not close with my mother although I love her very much we just don’t have that kind of relationship and honestly I feel like you have a lot of advice and guidance.
    I use to be a ballerina and as I grew into an 18 yr old know it all…I decided instead of finishing college for law at Suffolk University I would spend the next 6-8 yrs off and on bartending at a dive bar making more money than my parents were in a year. After I had my first child I def slowed down and didn’t realize that job although very good for cash was sucking all of my spirit and life. I eventually quit and then got prego with my first daughter Alexa. Holy cow!!! She was and still remains my Destructo!! Lol..I worked again here and there but no satisfaction as when I was dancing or making oodles of money while guys and girls oogled my Goodies…it got old…ya know ….long story short…too late. I’m loving each and every one of your journal entries and I began loving crafting about a year ago. I made my first wreath and I have been in love ever since. With paper projects and diys and what not but making wreaths there is just something about it…the feel of the mesh or what you may be working with. I know without a doubt to wear a mask thanks to you for burlap and I’m praying everyday that you keep on keeping on. You have such a sweet spirit and an undying love for your family past and present. My question to you is even though my heart is in wreathing, I’m a scared I’ll never sell one or I won’t make enough to support the family during this hard time in which my husband has been in a funk since October and barely working. I don’t have any for sale yet but I have the talent and the ambition to make some to sell just afraid of failure I guess. Did you make a fair amount of money to support your decision to make wreaths and probably didn’t have to bc of the success of Ray ,may he rest in peace . If you find the time or the energy to shoot me an email or message it would mean the world to me. Thank you and keep your head held high for you a true lady. Take care of yourself and I look forward to your next entry.
    With love Corinne


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