WOOOOOO, did I ever just about make a HUGE mistake…..don’t know if it was depression, pitty party, shut-in, test results or a combination of all…

I decided that I was in my last days, and all I wanted to do was sleep..I lost all interest in hobbies, reading, and facebook. All I did was watch Hallmark movies all day and till Bradley said it was time for bed…(what would i do without him) After awhile all the movies ran together, same storyline, same actors and so on.

Well, I am a Christian and I pray..I could feel the Lord with me and He was saying, who do you think you are? You do not get to decide when your last days are…..That is for ME……

So, I got up, checked my facebook page and the first thing I saw was a site called Beautifully Terminal…..After reading some of the posts, I decided to get on with my life and painted my fingernails….

As you can see, I could only paint 4 because my pointer finger has to be clean so I can test my oxygen levels….Like my ring? It is a Henri Bendel and it is actually my daughters…..

Now that I am feeling better, I think I will complain…..I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet….and boy did I make a mess trying to transfer my apps from my old to my new. Also changed my email address so I could get my emails on my new tablet…

I found an app where I could transfer my pictures and so on, but not my email account. To make a long story short…I started getting pop-ups…first it was that I had won this and that. They would pop-up out of nowhere, I could be checking my bank balance, facebook account, anything and there they were….

Well, remember when I told you about the adults only hotel in Cancun? I started getting pop-ups that made Cancun look like Disneyland. I was getting XXXXX rated material…….It took me forever to find out how to block them, but I finally did…..I am now on the right track………

You all have been great to listen to me complain….You are my connection to the outside world. I will talk to you again soon….For now…..Love and Blessings to all of you….

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