Hello, and WOW…it has been a long time since I have written a post….I believe that is because I have had nothing to say.

I have told you my life story..the good, bad and ugly…now on to the present….

I am starting my 4th year with Pulmonary Fibrosis…This is a terminal disease…no cure….3 – 5year life expectancy……

My health, breathing and quality of life has decreased since my last post…Now, I am not complaining, just stating facts.

I have Facebook friends who are also struggling with this disease. There is a sweet lady in ICU hooked up to LOTS of tubes, lines and oxygen waiting for a pair of lungs for a transplant. Then there is Mike, he had his transplant with problems..After many days in ICU, he got better, but now his body is rejecting the new lungs….

These two are only a few, there are many more people with this disease. We are all fighting for every breath. My age prevents my having a transplant..Please say a prayer for all of us struggling with this disease….

Blessings to all..

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