Hello friends….Hope you are all well….I have been hanging

on….Having a problem with my blood pressure. I haven’t been feeling right for the last few days..thought it was my oxygen, but my level is good…..

Yesterday, I had a spell, yes I am old, my vision had a white area., I was dizzy and sweating a lot….I took my blood pressure and it was 209/112. As you all know, I have Pulmonary Fibrosis, on oxygen 24/7, I can’t drive and Sandy was at work, so no way to get to the Doctor. SO…I layed down and rested the rest of the day….

Took blood pressure again this morning..202/110….in bed, resting today…..Watching Hallmark’s Christmas in July…Last thing I want is to go to the hospital…..

Bradley, my Shih Tuz, is right beside me..I love him to pieces, but he can drive me crazy. He is the most stubborn thing…..picky eater, if I am laying down on the couch, he will start barking and when I get up to see what he wants….he lays down in my spot….He loves sitting on my oxygen hose…but, I would be lost without him…

Well, I am going to stop now and take a nap…I will let you know about the blood pressure.

Blessings to all…

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